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Real Estate Services

At Premier Property Corfu we understand that every client has unique requirements, whether this is when buying or selling their property. Our understanding of the property market in Greece, as well as our client’s requirements, make us the ideal candidate to guide you through the process, every step of the way.

Corfu and Paxos have attracted a very wide range of property investors, from those who have purchased luxurious properties to modest town apartments or homes. The lifestyle is one that draws people back time and time again as communities here have expanded to encompass all nationalities, all the while maintaining the relaxed Greek atmosphere they are famous for. The constant influx of visitors has also meant that the real estate sector has continued to thrive, as many decide they wish to have their own piece of heaven in the Ionian.

The recent major expansion of Corfu Airport, and the increase in international flights has contributed to the increase in interest, which in turn has meant a higher demand for high quality properties to purchase. The higher end of property market has generally survived the vagaries of the economic downturn – a spectacular property a few years ago is still a spectacular property now, and prices have held their own.

The luxury holiday rental market has continued to prosper over the years, making Corfu and Paxos some of the most sought-after areas in Europe for holiday homes. A luxury villa can be both a summer escape for owners and their families, as well as providing a lucrative income as an investment property.
The recent launch of our Paxos programme reflects the increased demand for the island which has really come into its own in the last few years, with some superb properties both of traditional stone design and architecture, but also contemporary villas.

As elsewhere, location is all, and the properties we feature have all been selected for that particularly ‘special’ atmosphere, whether it be waterfront, have stunning views or be of particular architectural interest. Our extensive knowledge of each individual property, the surrounding areas, the demand for each area as well as the facilities and services available, allows us to find the perfect fit for our clients.